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Product Review BEADBUSTER XB-450 Tire Bead Tool Review

Discussion in 'Grizzly ATV Forums News and Reviews' started by Butch450, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    Review Submitted by “bluesmanjesse”…

    Let me start this review with a little background information. I’ve been an off-road enthusiast most of my life and the past 5 or 6 years I’ve been riding UTV’s. The one thing that has become abundantly clear about these heavy UTV’s is THEY LOVE TO EAT TIRES! I have started running beadlock wheels and it has helped some but in the rocky trails where I love to ride flat tires are inevitable. Over the years many rides have been compromised due to running out of spares or not being able to repair a tire on the trail or at base camp. After a recent ride in Tennessee where we had to waste 2-3 hours of riding time to drive to the nearest tire shop I started looking around for ways to avoid being in situations like this, after all if you’ve spent a bunch of your hard earned money on fuel, lodging, trail passes, etc the last thing you want to do is waste precious trail time searching for a tire shop...

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