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Product Review No Limit Wheels Revolver Wheel Review

Discussion in 'Grizzly ATV Forums News and Reviews' started by Butch450, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    No Limit Wheels is the first company o offer customizable wheels to the ATV/UTV market. They begin by taking their three basic designs, Octane, Venom and Revolver all in a matte black finish and then allow buyers the ability to customize the wheels color, edge design and style (machine cut). There are thousands of combinations available for consumers to choose from and if you have a special color not listed on their website, give them a call and they will try to accommodate your needs. Their website was painstakingly created and the custom wheel builder makes it easy to view every wheel, color, edge and style with only a few clicks of the mouse. You can even choose your ATV and color for the wheel to be viewed on. Once you have your wheel built just another click of the mouse will allow you to purchase your new personally designed wheels directly off their website. The Revolvers I am reviewing have a matte black finish, bullet edge and positive style.


    The first response of anyone who sees any of their wheels is…. “Nice wheels, but too pretty for the woods” I can tell you this is a huge misconception. Yes you can design these wheels to be “Pretty” but regardless of their looks all three of their designs are built strong. They have the highest load rating in the industry at 1,000 pounds per wheel and they back up their wheels with a money back guarantee and also a limited lifetime warranty. All this is in addition to them being built right here in the U.S.A. For my Yamaha Grizzly 450, and all Yamahas the center cap is cast in the wheel for a one piece design that gives the wheel a seem-less look. And depending on how much machining is performed they end up being extremely light wheels. The only option not listed on their website is for a Bead Lock Wheel. Maybe they will develop one in the near future though.


    I was finally able to test the Revolvers out this past weekend and was extremely pleased with not only the looks of the wheels, but also how easy they were to clean after running through a few mud holes. I have a set of Pit Bull Rockers mounted on the Revolvers and for two days I put the 450 through tons of rocks, over lots of downed trees and through some tight, twisty, overgrown trails. I did manage to put a few small scratches on one of the wheels but that is nothing compared to the scratches I thought they would have picked up from all the rock gardens I was playing around in and the rock and root infested trails we rode in between. Even so the scratches I did receive are easy enough to touch up if I want. One of the better features of these wheels is that all the machining is left raw so if you get any scratches or discoloring you can simply sand them down with some fine grit sandpaper and then apply some aluminum polish and buff out. Even the painted surfaces can be touched up with ease. When I first saw the machining wasn’t clear coated I was a little concerned but after running through plenty of mud for two days a simple hose down and wiping the wheels dry left no marks or discoloring. They clean up easy also due to their design with plenty of wide openings for mud and dirt to run out when hosing them off.



    Let’s face it, the Revolvers along with No Limit Wheels other wheel designs are incredible looking wheels. I honestly believe the Revolver Wheels with the options I chose are the best looking wheels out right now for my 450. No Limit Wheels gives us the consumer a great way to break away from the crowd and customize a wheel that is different than their competition. They are strong, light weight, backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee, and are also “Made in America”. Coupled with a tire with good rim protection like the Pit Bull Rockers, these wheels should last for years to come.




    Great Looking Wheel Design
    Thousands of Customization Options Available
    Made in America
    Highest Load Rating in the Industry
    Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Great Customer Service
    Affordable for a Customized Wheel


    No Bead Lock Option


    Stop by their website and try out their custom wheel builder today @ No Limit Wheels
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