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Product Review OGIO ATV Rear Rack Bag Long Term Test and Review

Discussion in 'Grizzly ATV Forums News and Reviews' started by Butch450, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    Review Submitted by RnR Member “HardcoreSlot”

    For the past couple years I have been putting the OGIO ATV Rear Rack Bag through its paces. It is the second bag I have owned in the time I’ve had my Yamaha Grizzly 550. The first was another manufacturers model and it was terrible. It went flat in a single ride. Trash…The OGIO is exactly the opposite. Since adding it to the rear rack of my 550 it has been beaten, soaked in lakes, baked in the sun, and after the 2010 fall ride in Moab, it sat outside on my trailer buried in the snow until early spring this year. Needless to say this thing is TOUGH.


    This bag is built strong. Its touted as a soft pack but it is as rigid as any box I’ve seen. There are thick poly inserts in all sides including the bottom and lid. The left and right sides both come with an extra rigid panel that can be removed if needed. It comes with dividers for the main compartment that attach with heavy Velcro. The main compartment is BIG, the website lists it at 11″ D x 12″ H x 33″ W . It will easily hold a case of beer or, more responsibly, lots of stuff. Its deep and wide enough to fit a helmet with room to spare.


    Inside the large compartment, against the front of the bag are four (4) net pockets. There are two (2) net pockets and a dust proof zipper pocket in the underside of the lid as well. The lid doesn’t have a zipper closure instead it locks closed with two large buckles and a series of magnets inside the lid and body of the bag. This seal is NOT dust proof, or even resistant. If there is any drawback to this bag that’s it. This bag fills with dust, quickly so be sure to store any thing you don’t want dust in or on in a zip lock bag or other dust proof container. The OGIO bag will also fold down flat for easy storage or transport.


    On the outside there are two small zipper pockets, one on the lid and one on the rear facing panel called the “Tool Gutter” The pocket on the lid is great for storing the small things you may need quick access to, like cameras, batteries, small tools, or filters for your RZ mask. The “Tool Gutter” is just that. Its small and flat for just a couple quick access tools. I keep a 10mm wrench and a phillips head screwdriver in it. Also on the lid is a long bungee that is good for securing things that may not fit in the pack. I’ve used it to secure long guns, tools, and even a chainsaw and cinched them down with little problems. Usually I just have this small blade attached.


    There are two smaller insulated and water proof bags that also come with the OGIO bag. They are nice to hold water bottles and food as they will stay cold or warm longer. There is an optional water bottle holder that attaches to the smaller bags as well. These two bags are fairly dust proof and snap together with strong magnets then roll down like a paper bag and are held down with two strong buckles. The only problem I have had with these is that they don’t really fit on the racks This causes them to rest on the plastics and rub them raw. There is a foam seat included that attaches to the front facing side with Velcro. On the Grizzly this is just a pain. Its too long for 2up and too short for one. Luckily it just tears off, and can be used for a number of other things. I like to use mine on the top of a 5 gal bucket, the thick foam makes a nice cushion.


    The attachment system may not look all that great, but is surprisingly stout. There are several Velcro straps that attach a couple inches in from the edge of the bag. This is by no means a quick on-off thing. But it stays put. If you ride hard and fast, up and down, you might notice a small amount of flop. I remedied this easily with the Velcro straps I received with my Rotopax combo unit. There are D-rings and some loops on the back end for additional anchor points for strapping down gear.


    All in all the OGIO rear rack ATV bag is awesome. I love the looks of it and it is very functional. In all the torture I’ve put this thing through there is not one thing I would consider a failure. Not one fray, not one tare, not even any loose strands hanging out. The Velcro has held strong and all of the buckles are still together and whole. I recommend this bag to anyone who wants a nice sturdy bag that offers great storage capacity along with the added benefit of it not looking like a piece of big ugly Tupperware. I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope it helps anyone who is teetering on buying one.


    This review is the older version of this bag. From what I have seen the new ones are put together just as well, with a couple more features, and some dust proofing. You can view their new lineup here!
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